Filler neck - Fuel hose size

Discussion in 'Exterior' started by 03crewcab, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. 03crewcab

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    Hello everybody,

    Here I am asking for your help on this matter.

    Yesterday while pumping gas I found out my truck is leaking fuel by the tank. I went under the truck and found out the hose elbow almost by the tank has a couple of cracks which are causing the fuel leak. I need to replace that hose and fix the leak ASAP.

    After looking around the hoses I find that my truck has a filler neck with a vent tube attached to it (both made of steel), so 2 hoses go to the fuel tank. The vent hose and the fuel hose. I asked Ford about the entire filler neck assembly, and it is around $250. AutoZone has it for $170. Since I'm in Mexico, ebay or other sites/shops are not available. Sucks, I know. So I plan on getting a hose and replacing it with a fuel-specific hose. I know for sure a shop around my house sells fuel hoses, as well as hydraulic. (A couple of months ago I was driving the Civic to get some booze for the weekend, when I hit the brakes and the brake line exploded. I took the broken hose there, and they manufactured a special hose just like the one that exploded with great results).

    Sorry for the wall.



    1-Anybody knows the size of the hose going from the filler neck to the tank? I believe it is 2'' on one end, and 2.5'' on the other. Could someone confirm this? If I can't find a hose with such measurements, should I get a 2.5'' on both ends and just use worm clamps to fix it to the filler neck?

    2-Are the bed bolts a T55 torx bit? Should I get any other torx size besides that T55?

    3-Any advice/recommendations/suggestions on the subject?
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  3. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    I recommend, since your truck is made and more common outside the USA, that you get those specs for the fuel filler hose from a dealer near you. The truck you have isn't very common here so I'm not sure if the hose dimensions and bolts would be the same as US rangers.
  4. OP

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    Thank you for your reply, Hooligan. I know my truck ain't sold over ther States. But since pretty much I've done to my truck is just like a 98-03 American Ranger (bolt sizes, wiring, etc.), I was just wondering if any of you guys had the specs/answers to my questions. It's ok if they don't match to my truck, it'd be a way to start with something.

    I plan on taking pics and getting a how-to done once I deal with this issue. Hope I can contribute some to the forum.
  5. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    That would be great! Hopefully the filler neck hose can get swapped for a rubber hose for a longer life on it.
  6. OP

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    I expect that too.
  7. OP

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    I confirmed that the bed bolts are t55. Now I need to drown them on PB so taking them out is easier.
  8. rangerjeff

    rangerjeff New Member

    cracking the t55"s a little at a time and soaking them at every turn in rotation like lug nuts be patient there $16.00 apiece up here. good luck
  9. OP

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    Thanks, man.
  10. OP

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    After 2 days of spraying the bed bolts, I wanted to see how easily they could be taken out. It was really easy. So I just give them 3 full turns, sprayed some more PB blaster, and bolt them back. This was my main concern, so hopefully the job is done as fast as possible.
  11. cvar

    cvar New Member

    My 1997 rubber filler neck hose measures 2" dia. at the top (gas cap) end, and 2.375" dia. at the bottom (tank) end.
  12. OP

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    Thank you very much! This info is going to help me a lot to get the right fuel hose. :thumbsup:
  13. OP

    03crewcab Real Trucks Rattle

    Got everything done this morning. Hose ended up being 1''-1.5''. I'm trying to write a 'how-to' and post it in the how-to submissions.
  14. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    Thats great news! I'd loike to see that how to, that would be the first one I have seen on a ranger forum for that

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