Cooper Discoverer A/T3s: Anyone Use Em?

Discussion in 'Aftermarket Products, Reviews & Installation' started by El Camino Man, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

    Hello all! I am in the market for some new treads (hehe). I was in the tire shop yesterday getting my illegally worn Nitto Terra Grapplers patched... again... and saw a set of Cooper Discoverer A/T3s somebody had ordered. They were gorgeous in my opinion! Those pics you see on the internet dont do em justice. They were 265/65 R18s. Theyd mount to my trucks 18s! It was like a message from the Ranger Gods. I asked the guy about em and he says its a new design to replace Cooper's ATR, which looks attrocious according to him. I looked em over good and the second thing I notice after the stunning looks of them was the deep lugs these things had on em. They were prolly some of the most aggressive all terrains Iv seen! Then the guy says they were only $200 a piece. Holy cow! Most of the tires I was looking at were in the neighborhood of $250+. I decided these things must be amazing, but I rarely sink $800 into something without getting some opinions and consumer reviews. So does anybody have these Coopers? Or know someone who has em and their opinion on em? Thanks guys!
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  3. No, but I would love to know something about them, for when I get my next set.
  4. OP
    El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

    Iv found some at a palce called And theyre ridiculously cheap for some 265/65R18. $153 a tire if I remember right. Plus shipping of course
  5. Captured Time

    Captured Time watch this and hold on

    wow that is cheap
  6. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    GREAT tire. buddy had them on his truck at the sand dunes. things went everywhere. and they last long. great all terrain tire.
  7. OP
    El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

    I was lookin at em a little closer the other day. Theyre 10 ply! Thsoe things would last forever lol
  8. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    LOL like I said they last long. Believe me I know my tires.
  9. ob269

    ob269 New Member

    LOL Demon knows his rubber :D
  10. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    i do lol u got to stay safe now days
  11. Post a link up of where you saw them at. I wouldn't mind taking a look at them.
  12. OP
    El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

  13. That ain't bad at all. Sounds like a really good tire
  14. Demon

    Demon I take no prisoners!

    it is cuz it is a really good tire
  15. OP
    El Camino Man

    El Camino Man Thank The Lord For BBFs!

    Lol I stopped by a local shop just a little while ago just to compare prices. He said they were $212 a tire. I stopped by a Big-O a few days ago and for a 285/65 is $385 a tire! Theyre a little bigger but not much! I think im gonan save up and get those from for sure
  16. cacher

    cacher New Member

    Well, I just bought an 03, and they are on there. A great ride on the highway, and in town, very smooth, but I dont know about in the snow yet. Also, with my 4.0 they are too easy to spin when on a wet takeoff.
  17. Steelken

    Steelken New Member

    Ну если цена Cooper Discoverer STT New для вас гуманна - можно и ее
    В целом думаю без особой разницы, на Cooper более асфальтовый рисунок что ли . по идее меньше шумит
  18. RangerAl

    RangerAl Member

    I had them on my Tacoma, I didn't really like them. It is noisy..
  19. David Brantley

    David Brantley New Member

    I have used the Cooper A/T3's on a couple of Jeep's and really liked them. Not overbearing on the highway, and around town is a no brainer. Great snow traction. Didn't use them in the mud, but I would say deflated a bit they would get the job done.

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