Coincidence or related? Issues w/ starting, AC, turn signals, hazards

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by southboca, Jun 14, 2024.

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    It's a 2005 Ford Ranger Edge with 450k+ miles.
    Maybe 20 starts and stops daily.
    Issues with starting, AC and turn signals and hazards across a 2 week time frame.

    Takes a couple turns of key and gas to start.
    Fuel pump relatively new.
    Anecdotal evidence points to working properly if battery removed overnight.

    AC works intermittently. Clicked on blew cold and strong. Next time I started the engine, stopped again. Possibly small amount of cold air on acceleration. Compressor replaced less than a year ago. Resistor replaced. Pigtail purchased, but not replaced. No improvement.

    Turn signals and hazards work intermittently. (Either both work or neither work). I turn on the turn signal. It works for a bit. Then stops. When that happens, I turn on hazards to alert when function is restored.

    Is there one likely culprit? Or are all the parts just equally old and it's likely coincidence?
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