AM/FM/CD/DVD Spoon Feeding Please

Discussion in 'Audio Tech' started by Bob C. of Indiana, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    This is how green I am I didn't even know they made such a thing until I seen Diablo's unit in his garage pics...
    I think I want to get one but don't understand most of the features and what they mean..I have read some on Amazon but lost by the terms used and what they do...Secondly I don't know crap about any of the new phones and don't have any interest in that capability...I have a cheapo Tracfone which works for me...
    All I want is a nice radio with a single CD capability, a 7" DVD player with easy to use controls and flash drive slot might be nice but not necessary as I have a pretty good selection of tunes on my flash drive from YouTube,also able to use it while driving...The other main thing would be a back-up camera capability as the start of my drive way has a sidewalk across it and lots of people walk dogs and baby strollers across the side walk and we are scared to death we might hit somebody..
    I have about $200 bucks to spend and wouldn't need bluetooth unless I can get a camera that will work wireless...
    First I need to know what brand and model you might suggest and secondly what I will need to install it and should I pay a shop to do it...This is a good start to begin with...I really like this forum as you are more helpful and less smart asses...Bob C. :thumbsup:
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  3. 06FordFX4

    06FordFX4 Canadian Redneck

    well, I have a pioneer 4300. It can play DVD's, CD's has inputs for an SD card, Flash drive and ipod.

    it DOES have backup camera capabilities, but you have to buy a separate backup camera. the wires are on the system, you just have to connect them. I dont have one so i cant comment on how well that feature works, but i love everything else about it.

    its an old product, so its not being sold in big stores anymore. however ebay and amazon might still have some.

    It is a bit more expensive than $200 though. i think somewhere like $400?
    there are also similiar models, but 5.8" screen and actual buttons, not touch screen. I think they are around $250.
  4. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    I have a Pioneer sound system in my garage and know their quality but I also have a Pioneer dvd player recorder in the house and it has way to many features and is way overly complicated for a novice user and I hate it, you have to read 3 pages of crap just to reset the clock when it is time change time...

    I appreciate the time you spent replying but I can't hack $400 for this I need to keep it minimum because I am retired and I can't work a Saturday of time and a half and pay for it like I used to...Thanks for your input

    This is the unit I was thinking about
  5. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    PioneerIS in my opinion one of the best consumer radios on the market; they offer the most for the best price.

    I have a pioneer to go in so I use what I am am talking about.

    If you go 7”, which is nice, you will need to open up the Radio Bezel so it will fit.
    Ford in its infinite wisdom chose to make the opening just small enough so a DD will not fit. It can be done and there are How-Tos on the subject.

    Try this place, I have not seen lower prices:

    Here is some Double Din (7”) stuff:
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  6. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    So are any of the connections plug and play or do you have to demolish the dash to wire them up?
  7. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

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  8. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    That has everything I need ...So are they plug and play or a nightmare to wire up? Thanks for the lead...I know Buggman he is making me some Ford emblems which I am going to sell when they arrive...
  9. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    the one I have will do all that and was under 200 bucks, It is now 129.00 amazon this is the one I have

    Pyle PLDN73I 7-Inch Double-DIN TFT Touchscreen DVD/VCD/CD/MP3/MP4/CD-R/USB/SD-MMC Card Slot/AM/FM/iPod Connector

    and here is the backup camera I bought

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  10. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    I remember you had to enlarge your bezel to get it to fit other than that is it a pia to wire it up?
  11. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    not a problem at all, I used this manual ( ) for the color code of which wires went where but the new radio is marked real well. such as left front , right rear etc...
    I did not cut off my factory plug either, i just used wire taps on the wires .

    I think that was the manual that had the ranger stero wires color code in it if not I am sure you can do a search on the net for your year ranger for the radio color codes.
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  12. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    Good spoon-feeding,Thanks!
  13. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    no problem, I use that new stereo almost everyday no problems with it, I know it is not top of the line but then I do not care about that it works it does what it is suppose to do , I am happy and I did not break the bank. If you get the stereo and have problems let me know I will try to help out
  14. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    Sounds like a plan! How much of the bezel did you have to shave off and was it all four sides and what did you use??? What is your first name? I like your other avatar better, it fit you better!! :thumbsup:
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2013
  15. buggman

    buggman Do not touch the trim!

    Going to a double din isn't hard as far as the bezel mod, just need to trim off the top & bottom "lips" where the radio mounts.

    In my Ranger I have Hooligan's old EONON 7" dvd. It doesn't have every feature known to man, but it gets the job done.
    I just found it has bluetooth so it can connect to my phone to make/receive calls too.

    7" motorized screen, inputs for cameras, SDHC card slot behind the face (when it's opened you have access to the card slot) and a front mounted mini usb port where you can plug in a usb extension cable & run a usb flash drive or mp3 player.

    It doesn't have a ton of adjustment features like a multi band eq, but it does work quite well for what I wanted in the truck.

    I have a camera mounted above my license plate & it's controlled by a switch rather than the backup light function so I can turn on the camera whenever I want.
    I've got some pics in my photobucket albums... I think it's under custom bezels or truck stuff.
    I've seen them new in the $200 range at amazon &

    I also have a pioneer 4400 in my explorer that's top of the line & has more features than I'll ever need, but has more built in features like a multi band eq to tailor the sound better. Bluetooth, sat radio, etc.
    It was nearly $500 but it goes well beyond what I'll probably ever need.
    Haven't had time to connect a camera, but that's next on my list of stuff to do.
  16. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

  17. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    Like buggman said.. just the inside top and inside bottom of the bezel , I used a razor knife and then used pliers snapped ot right off. I also did not want to go with something so expensive as the rangers are so easy to break into. , oh first name is Craig I like the other avatar too . I switch em up all the time lol
  18. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    Thanks Buggman doesn't seem to complicated I think I can tackle it...Checked out your pics in your Photo bucket,very nice...I like your switch idea on the back-up camera...Might hit you up for help with that Bob C.
  19. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

  20. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    Craig I just like changing the statement on my avatar,LOL
  21. OP
    Bob C. of Indiana

    Bob C. of Indiana Where's The Cheeto's?

    Craig looking at the controls on your Pyle it appears the usb port is on the back of the unit how do you access that?

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