Advice For 1st Time Home Buyer

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by TurdFX4, May 14, 2013.

  1. TurdFX4

    TurdFX4 Schuylkill Countys Finest

    Anybody have any advice to share? We're pretty much set on the house that i was talking about in that thread a couple months ago , but now we're getting the ball rolling on getting it.
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  3. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    Check flood zones, mildew/mold/insect problems, check the wiring (if it's the old black tar covered ****, stay away from it). Check for insulation (the complete downstairs of my house had NO insulation in the walls...) Check the shingles. Check the yard for drainage problems. Check school district. Check how much taxes will be per year. Check the attic for previous water damage. If it has a well, check the water hardness and test for chemicals/sulfur. Do a walk around the neighborhood and knock on a few doors. You don't want to buy a house and find out your neighbors are complete *******s.
    Last edited: May 14, 2013
  4. RoadRanger

    RoadRanger -Skylark65-

    i know around here mold in the basement and wet / damp basements are a huge issue, many of the houses have poor drainage. 'an like brad said the electrical can be a big issue in an older house, especially one that's been remodeled.

    you also want to check around for rotted wood & insect (termite & ant) damage around the base of the house and in the basement (another issue i've seen alot of around here is houses rotting the support beam out from under the doors) and check the foundation for cracks and issues.
  5. Hooligan

    Hooligan Rangerholic!!

    What they said, and make sure the wiring in the house is up to code along with the proper GFI outlets where they are needed. It also helps to move next to a frat house with hot bitches
  6. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    termite inspection as well, check roof and A/C unit if it has one. and shop around for the best intrest rates, cause now they are very low if you have a good credit score.

    Dont let the realtor choose who you get the loan from , most of the time they get a kick back from those lenders.

    good luck and have fun
  7. OP

    TurdFX4 Schuylkill Countys Finest

    The majority of the wiring is new. It has a brand new metal roof in july 2012. Not sure about the yard. Its the same school district that I went to. Taxes are $405/Year. It has a finished attic (3rd bedroom). Not sure about a well. I know the majority of the neighbors already, I don't think there will be a problem there.

    I'll check it out.

    True that... it comes with the appliances as well. Sadly, no frat houses around here.

    Roof is brand new pretty much. I don't think it has A/C. I do have a good credit score, at least last time it was ran it was good. I talked to the one guy that knows the seller, he said there was a couple that was going to get it but they couldn't bring their score up to 620 to get approved, mine was well above that.

    Last time my ex and I were looking for a house, the realtor suggested Wells Fargo, I laughed at her and said there's no way I'm dealing with wells fargo, not after the bull **** we went through with her loan
  8. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    also check the S E X offender list for the neighborhood, that is public info.
  9. Brinker88

    Brinker88 Black sheep o' the family

    Adam doesn't have to worry about that. He's ugly as sin :tongue_smilie:
  10. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    hahah, or he can grow a bigger beard and sit on the front porch with a gun in his hands and start muddling words outloud to himself , most will leave him/his house alone.

    that's what I do ;)
  11. OP

    TurdFX4 Schuylkill Countys Finest

    Clinton doesn't live near me

    I resent that

    Im working on my beard. I pulled a hair out last week that was longer than my middle finger. But I had to trim because it was a little uneven.
  12. drppdyllwrngr

    drppdyllwrngr Member

    don't go above what you can afford. even if you are approved for xxx,xxx, don't do the full amount if it's border line affordable.

    as for wells fargo, my loan was sold out to them within the first few months of getting it. i wasn't happy about it after hearing stories of other people having problems. i've been pleased with them. really haven't heard anything from them as i pay my mortgage on time, etc.
  13. Scrambler82

    Scrambler82 Old Guy User

    Definitely get a home inspection even if it is a short sale.

    Make sure the inspector looks in the attic at the roof boards.

    Mold can be a major problem, if any is found, it has to be removed and cleaned up.
    Don’t except the responsibility of cleaning it up for two reasons, first it can get expensive and second it can be a major health issue.

    Make sure to get an added statement to the purchase and sales agreement, about any repairs made by the home owner before you sign anything.
    That maybe wishful thinking but something to talk about and may reduce the cost some.

    Good Luck on the sale and the new house, great times a head for the family, so enjoy.
    Last edited: Jun 4, 2013
  14. OP

    TurdFX4 Schuylkill Countys Finest

    Well I attempted to get pre-approved for a mortgage today. It seems back when my ex wasn't paying on her car loan, it effected my credit and everything. Now we're not even 100% sure what we can do. I qualified for a " rural home " thing where I wouldn't have to put any money down, which I'm not too sure I would want to do but I didnt sell my truck yet so I'm hoping to sell it soon to have the extra $$ to go into the house with.
  15. drppdyllwrngr

    drppdyllwrngr Member

    sounds like a usda rural development loan. that's what mine is. i'm about 6 miles out of town, in a neighborhood. it's quiet, i own a large piece of land. sure i have neighbors on both sides, but the lots are big enough that i don't usually notice them.
  16. OP

    TurdFX4 Schuylkill Countys Finest

    I believe thats what it was, doesn't matter though, I over qualified for it so I have to do the FHA with 3.5% down
  17. OP

    TurdFX4 Schuylkill Countys Finest

    Got approved for the house, making an offer later today
  18. Diablo

    Diablo New Member

    good luck!
  19. RoadRanger

    RoadRanger -Skylark65-

    X2 good luck man!
  20. OP

    TurdFX4 Schuylkill Countys Finest

  21. pooleo

    pooleo New Member

    Double check the property lines. And not with the realtor.

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