88 STX 2.9l Oil Dipstick, also some various parts needed.

Discussion in '1983 - 1988 Ford Ranger' started by Terry Ray, Aug 31, 2014.

  1. Terry Ray

    Terry Ray New Member

    Just got this truck today, will be my first 4 by 4 Ranger (needed something better for my delivery job). Just missing a few things, and short of going to a junkyard, anyone know the best place for these parts? Oil Dipstick tube is rusted in 2, need the console that goes around the 2 shifting levers (4 wheel stick lever and 5 spd). Also just a few interior pieces missing. dash molding under steering column, and fuse block cover. Sometimes even hard to find something as old at salvage yards.
    Now just a couple questions, exhaust manifold donut, easier from top or bottom to change? Anyone know labor costs for changing the clutch, pressure and throw out on this truck. If it were 2 wheel I'd attempt it, not sure I want to tackle 4 wheel drive.
    Thanks in advance

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