4.0L timing chain question

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bob Palmer, May 17, 2019.

  1. Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer New Member

    can anyone tell me the general consensus on the 4.0l engine and the timing chain? i have heard the to start avoiding the engine when it gets around 170k on it as at that point the timing chain may start to become an issue and that may be why so many are for sale around that mileage.

    then i heard that ford redesigned the timing chain parts later on the have more durability. so it this happened what year did this happen and then after this happened what mileage would one start to avoid? thanks
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  3. OP
    Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer New Member

    by the lack of response tells me they did not redesign it and that it is still junk and that is why i see so many with trucks with 170k plus miles for sale compared to other trucks in that size. so lack of response tells me to stay away for them. thanks for the help
  4. DeanMk

    DeanMk Member

    Back in the old days, before the advent of "belts", a timing chain would generally last about 100-120K or maybe even a little more.
    This is with classic American engines. By that time, it was probably time for a rebuild anyway.
    One reason why the Chevy six was popular, because it was gear drive. No chain to worry about. ;)
    I think, ANYONE getting almost 200K out of a chain is doing dam good!
    Buy the truck while its cheap, do the maintenance and drive it with the biggest smile your face can handle. It's a good engine. You just have to realize where the maintenance points are and accept them, or move on to something else.

  5. OldTimer

    OldTimer New Member

    Depends on which 4.0l you're looking at. On the older OHV engines you've only got the one chain, yea it's a pain in the as* but it's manageable. On the SOHC engines you've got THREE chains, one from the crank to an intermediate shaft, then one up from the Int Shaft to the cam on the left cylinder head, the 3rd chain from the other end of the Int Shaft to the cam on the right cylinder head. The #3 chain is at the back end of the engine. DeanMK is absolutely right, if ya get 100-120k miles on a chain you're doin good. If you have a garage, the tools, time, and knowledge, changing the chains on the SOHC is 'doable', but the OHV is alot easier!
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