3.0L 99 oil pressure?

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by ranger2020, Jul 30, 2009.

  1. ranger2020

    ranger2020 New Member

    :furious:I've had this ranger for about 2 n a half years. I got this stupid little diode off ebay for 20$ and of course stupid me I tryed installing it where it said to, in the mass air flow sensor. When I relized it was making my engine run wierd I took it off and hooked the MAF back up and it seemed be running alright until the next day it lost oil pressure and shut down. I thought the engine had seized up because nothing would work at all. So after about a year and a half of sitting I went out to try to see if it would turn over and it did barely, so I went and bought a new battery and a new starter and it fired up. It definately was running ruff but there still was no oil pressure. So i have the oil pan hanging right now to look at the oil pump but i cant get it off. The chilton book I have for it says I have to take the engine out just to take it off but I was looking at it and I was thinking I might be able to just drop the front end. I also have a 4.0L engine out of a 92 explorer that I could buy and swap out with my 99 3.0L ranger and im wondering what it would take to do so. If anyone has any advise I would very much appreciate it.
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  3. Oil Pump

    Maybe you could loosen the engine and trans. mounts and raise the engine a little with a hydraulic jack to get the pump out????? If you do this be very careful where you place the jack and put a piece of wood (2X4?) between the jack and the engine.
  4. Rangerak

    Rangerak New Member

    Oil pump is a pain to do in the truck. I have heard it can be done without pulling the engine or dropping the front end. Both of these methods work but are a lot of work. The guy who said he did it did just as suggested by highplainshifter. You need to remove some stuff up top to do it. It would be best if you can once things are loose do it from the top I think with a hoist less chance of things getting loose and slipping and taking a finger with it. You get a couple of inches that way and still see what is happening with clearance. Have you a code reader or access to one? Could be not your oil pump and just a sensor somewhere that not working. Have you did a quick check on the condition of your main and rod bearings for excessive wear? A good sign of oil pump failure. If that ebay thing messed up more than just the you think. Oil pump sensors are known to go out on ranger 3.0s and it is on the rear of the block on the passenger side on top. Do you hear a lot of lifter noise? Another sign of low or no oil pressure. Maybe you can shove the pump back in and not mess wit it for the time being while you do a thorugh check of everything else this way you are only out a gasket set. Forget the 4.0litre. It will not work! You would hato change everything from the radiator to the rear end as notthing from the 3.0 will work.
  5. OP

    ranger2020 New Member

    It is a 4x4, and yea thats pretty much what I figured I was gonna have to do. Im gonna hook the oil pan back up and the starter and fill it back up with oil and probably have to rent an OBD diagnostic tool to read the codes. Does anybody know if it will tell me if its mechanical because a few people have told me it might be the shaft that drives the oil pump or some kind of retainer clip or something. Also does anybody know if theres a way to take the oil pan completely off without dropping the front end or having to lift the engine? I really appreciate your guys feed back.:)
  6. OP

    ranger2020 New Member

    There is definately lifter noise so I know theres no oil pressure but is it possible I could have fried the computer?
  7. OP

    ranger2020 New Member

    What all would I need to remove to lift the engine those couple of inches?

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