2" what parts needed & tire size

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Dustin Kerby, Jan 22, 2018.


Can i put 2" lift and bigger tires on my 94 Mazda b3000

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  1. Dustin Kerby

    Dustin Kerby New Member

    Is it possible to put a 2" lift on my 1994 Mazda b3000 2wd and what size tire can it take .
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  3. ZappyBear

    ZappyBear Member

    From what I found a 3-4" lift will take 31" tires without rubbing. source link: https://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/164125-body-lift-tires-wheels-b3000.html
    Maybe you could try 30" tires then? Check your rear shackles and hangers first, I lifted my truck a lot just by replacing the rotted shackles and hangers, also gained an inch or two in the front when I replaced the sagging coil springs.
  4. Dchad53

    Dchad53 Member

    All I did was level my 05 using torsion keys. I now run 265-75R 16's They are almost 32 1/2" tall. No rubbing
    been on for better than a year. No uneven wear.

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