2.5 swap to 3.0 - "Why didn't i take the blue pill?"

Discussion in '1998 - 2011 Ford Ranger' started by Zen.and.Zipties, May 21, 2022.

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    Long story short, I need some help from a prdfessional, or some backwoods superhero, i am seriously over my head with this swap, but i know it can be done.
    I made a quick decision recently to purchase a wrecked truck for its engine, as my 2.5 liter was dying. and your engine isnt going to conk out on in you in the driveway, it'll die when youre stranded, and short of cash...
    So being short of cash most days, I found a deal I couldnt refuse.
    An 01 ranger 3.0 with 111k miles! for only 1200, and I was able to get it down to 800! I thought I was the luckiest bastard around, and I was truth be told, but here is where the issues start.
    -My 99 ranger is a the 01 ranger is a
    -4 cylinder -V6
    -2.5L engine with 276k miles -3.0L with 111k miles
    -Manual Trans -Automatic Trans
    -short bed -Long Bed

    Little did I know that there would be so many incompatible things. For one I thought my manual would fit the flywheel of the 3.0, but the bolt pattern is way off not to mention the starter is on the other side, then because of needing the other trans, and it being sized different in the beds, neither driveshaft fit. I could go on and on.
    Also, there seems to be little to no information on the 3rd gen v6, mostly i only find the 2.3 or the 4.0 or youtube is famous for swapping everything to the 5.0, so im stuck. Particularly, on wiring. I have had to put the other ecu and pcm in, and obviously that meant engine bay wiring, then i saw the firewall connection ports. Where my 2.5 had a 3 port stack, the new harness only had 2. it was at that moment i knew i was as fucked as i didnt want to admit before. so I have redone most of the wiring, but there are some issues between the 2 trucks because the 3.0 wiring would work if my truck wasnt still 35% 99 ranger, and if connectors werent missing etc, etc. cant find a damn bit of useful info on the world wide web, lotta good that thing has become, a wiring color guide for each truck in english, ideally, is a great start, but I would be thankful for anything that helps at this point. my pockets hurt, and my ranger needs me.
    P.S. I have most of the work done, been almost a month of working on it passively, and ubering and borrowing rides, so, its all in there, just hard to connect some parts if you know what I mean. Mechanic work is never what it seems. I still love it, but goddamn if i dont hate it everynow and then. Please help I dont want to switch to chevy, I love my ranger. I've owned 3 now.
    P.S.S there is one wiring issue I'm working now that is challenging me. I can send pics but i will explain briefly. under the dash, driver side, in the 99, there is a big ass port connector that runs to the undercarriage for the gas tank and all the rear lights etc, but the connector for the 01 runs from the pcm area under the driver seat, and then through the floor, to the rear. but the connectors for each year are different, and I dont have the parts truck. I counted the wires, and there is only a difference of like 2 wires as far as count, but I'm no expert, so I cant say that they are the same wires, and I would bet they arent entirely anyways, I was probably going to the junkyard (again) for the last bit of 01 wiring harness i conveniently neglected to salvage, but maybe I have other options?

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