1993 model, several small projects!

Discussion in '1993 - 1997 Ford Ranger' started by Jared Frazier, Jan 11, 2023.

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    [​IMG] Hello! I just bought my ranger a couple weeks back in Hawaii. It’s beautiful and I love her, but got a few problems I’m dealing with, was gonna see if anyone had input.
    It’s a 1993 1.3l 2wd manual.

    1. In low gears(1-3), RPM climb to about 2500 or so and then plummet to 0 and the engine revs loud. Is this a slip? Never had this happen in previous manuals. Makes getting up the mountain here tough!

    2. Temp gauge always shows cold. I replaced the thermostat, confirmed it is circulating well, I replaced both temperature sensors, and the one for the gauge I grounded out the wire on the block and the needle jumped up to hot so I know the gauge works. All other gauges read correctly. I’ve noticed that when climbing the mountain and if I have to sit in 3rd for a long time to get up hill, the temp climbed juuuuust over the cold line as opposed to basically sitting on the 0 position. Makes me wonder if the gauge is calibrated wrong somehow? I’m just worried it’ll overheat and I won’t know.

    3. Ac blows but not cold, heat blows but not hot. May just need freon, does this model use the old style freon that is hard to find?

    4. Missing glove box, any clues on where to get a replacement one that will match?

    5. I’m 6’6” and getting my leg under the steering wheel is a tight squeeze. Once I’m in I can drive for an hour + and be comfortable. Is replacing or adjusting the while doable/affordable or should I just deal with it?

    6. gas leaks when I fill up all the way, out the bottom of the truck. I just don’t fill it up all the way but should I be worried about shit getting into my gas tank, if there’s a leak in the line?

    there you go ranger enthusiasts, if you got any ideas for me let me know! I used to drive a Nissan Hardbody and just love these old tough little pickups, so I’m excited for my ford ranger. Mahalo

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