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  1. Meowers
    Don't make the same mistake twice, so many new ones to make.
  2. Shadow ranger 08.
    Shadow ranger 08.
    Pressure washed the truck including the underside parked it for two days now it won’t move in any gear and won’t roll in neutral anyone know
  3. Rogie
    Need 1998 3.0L ranger engine oil dipstick
  4. Chase Dejeer
    Chase Dejeer
    In need of a 1998 ranger 2.5l vacuum diagram please and thank you
  5. Chris76
    My 2001 Ranger XLT 3.0L w/5-spd manual. Such a dependable vehicle and trying to keep it all stock.
  6. Timothy Key
    Timothy Key
    83,500 original miles. Buddy's ranger in background.
  7. Timothy Key
    Timothy Key
    1992 Ranger XLT EXT Cab with 3.0 L, 2wd is my new baby and looking to upgrade her to modern equipment. All original everything working truck
  8. Tyler Platt
    Tyler Platt Shawn
    Could you enlighten me on the newer door switches swap. I have a 2000 and everything needed from a 2011. Your post from way back lost the images with the info about it.
  9. Ronnie Collins
    Ronnie Collins
    This is my 2011 five speed 4.0. Love the truck. wishing could update horse power
  10. Ernest Formolo
    Ernest Formolo
    2002 Black Ranger XLT 4x4
  11. andrew23111
  12. Mikerpsr
    First Ranger, (98 Reg Cab, 2wd, Auto) but 18th Ford truck, from ‘59 to 2007. Had trucks,Broncos,& Powerstroke Diesel Excursion.
  13. David B
    David B
    1992 2WD 4cyl 5spd
  14. JDG
    need more power
  15. Ken4ord
    Ken4ord RangerAl
    What brand of spacers did you use? I am looking to do the same. Love the look!
    1. RangerAl
      I got mine from Ebay, with lots of caution. If you decided to get it, make sure it is "Hub Centric". This is where the wheel will rest on the center of the hub and not the studs.
      Jun 15, 2020
  16. Jeff0266
    Truck is running like a CHAMP! I love my little Ranger. I think it was made just for me,the color, the style, is off tha hook!
  17. Jackob Zacharia Swai
    Jackob Zacharia Swai
    Looking for turbo for ford 2006
  18. blakestevens
    I am a lover of cars and sports.
  19. Willy
  20. harrier1313
    Ranger XLT 2006 diesel which wire on ignition to place cut out switch?