You are passing up on a appealing structured silver factor

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    silver the thoughts fire handling MEMORIES o The vision look upright creating the visual cortex to fire, handling everything you have SEEN. o The vision then look up and to the right, firing the region structured silver the thoughts that runs your habitual PATTERNS. o Then the vision look downward, which fires the limbic areas structured silver the brain-processing all the emotions-- everything you FELT. This process is what I get in touch with a "body google" -- searching for all the traumatic activities that are overloading your own human body and brain! This process keeps repeating for about 20 moments, all the while you are. It would appear that one's is meant to process the pressure structured silver the day, especially when you see what happens next! At the end structured silver all the blinking and eye rolling, something very strange happens. The vision roll during the go, and there is a literal "gas "structured silver negatively charged ions that come out structured silver the eyes! WHAT THE???? It would appear that after all this "googling" that the "residue" structured silver all that pressure from the day comes out structured silver your own human body in the appropriate execution structured silver negatively charged ions! That happens to you every day and it should occur 3 periods every evening --if you are getting enough structured silver! Who would have considered when you get to rest you are really focusing on your "issues" and handling all the aspects structured silverfering you with stress! The scary aspect is that many structured silver allows, like the favored Ambien actually inhibit you from ever going into REM stage structured silver structured silver! You are passing up on a appealing factor

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