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Discussion in 'Engine Tech' started by DPG3, Mar 31, 2014.

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    -So unfortunately my rangers valve seat melted. so the engine is apart right now and i decided it might be a good idea to switch out the rocker arms. the stock ones are heavy,and wanted to switch them for new roller ones. anyone done this before? i heard the ratio is 1.6:1. something like that. what are good rocker arms for somewhat reasonable price.
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    There is a kit out there to replace the 1.6 rockers with 1.7 ratio rockers.
    This effectively increases the lift of the camshaft, letting in more gas and should result in more power. How much not sure but some people claim a good increase.

    Make sure to get a good kit with all the parts you need.
    There may even be a rocker rocker option for the kit but again I am not completely sure.

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