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Discussion in 'Maintenance Shop' started by greenmachine2000, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. greenmachine2000

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    so not even a year ago i put
    new rear shoes..front pads and
    rotors when stopping i
    feel like the truck is like
    skipping to a stop..kinda
    bouncing if that makes sense. i had previous rotors turned and
    no problems..i now have 6
    month old new
    rotors..reybestos rotor with
    reybestos ceramic
    pads..problem is back im wondering if i should get rotors
    turned or drums me
    it seems front brakes are
    having to work harder becsuse
    rear is not right..thus resulting
    in warped rotors..i really want a solution to this..brakes aint
  2. greenmachine2000

    greenmachine2000 New Member

  3. Scrambler82

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    I am no brake specialist but it could be as you think, if the rears are not working properly then the fronts need to do more work and more heat could warp a rotor.

    Fix what you think is wrong with the rear brakes, and try it out see if anything changes in the skip stop thing.

    If not get the rotors checked using an indicator to see if there is any run out, if there is excess then replace the rotors.

    Also, make sure your rims are flat against the rotors, any clips get rid of them, make sure your rear brakes are actually working (hard stop), and bleed the brakes (starting with the rear right, rear left, front right, front left), to make sure there is no air in the lines.

    AND… three hours before bumping is usually not enough time to get anyone’s opinion.

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