2019 Ford Ranger Sport- suspension and lift questions

Discussion in 'Suspension Tech' started by Ericlance, Mar 31, 2023.

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    Still all stock, 25k miles. I’ve driven lots of trucks but damn, every time I so little as gently drive this thing over a speed bump it leaves me feeling like I need an MRI of my entire spine. I’m pretty sure that from the back seat, my 80lb dog has started watching for the speed bumps in our neighborhood so that he can brace for impact.

    I’ve never driven a Ford. Is it just a Ford thing? Does anyone else have this truck and have they experienced the same? What’s the deal? I can full send it no problem over the same speed bumps in my little Ricky Bobby 2004 Avalon with 230k and (admittedly) …stock suspension. For a better comparison, my cousin’s 2006 Dodge Ram with 300k+, wrecked several times, and almost no maintenance or repairs besides tires and oil handles the speed bumps better than this Ranger. My friend’s lifted pavement princess Wrangler barely bounces on them.

    Suspension isn’t my thing. I need recommendations on how to improve it because its pretty heinous. Eventually I’m going to get around to getting a conservative lift put on it (only like 2”). When I do that, I also want see what can be done to make this better because it’s honestly pretty heinous for a newer/nicer truck. It’s my boyfriends truck and this would be a birthday present for him.


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