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  1. DAniel Cruz
    DAniel Cruz
    Hi. have 1997 . caught a pothole and mile latter it shut down on me. Had no spark on coil module change it and crank sensor still no spark.
  2. Fordman1941
    Persistent door ajar warning light. Replace door latch mechanism. WD-40 does not always work.
  3. Jamey E
    Jamey E
    Front bumper almost completed. Lights are next!
  4. Jen
    I have a 93 ranger. We are its 2nd owner. 103,000 miles. Truck was stolen, but recovered with no damage except the steering column
  5. Sam
    Building a connection with a woman who may not realize she's in love lol.
  6. GDMartin9
    Less restrictive exhaust. New MAF. Running like a champ!
  7. Environmark
    1999 Ford Ranger XLT (4.0 L OHV)
  8. Benjammin
    New Ranger owner just trying to score some knowledge
  9. Don Gannon
    Don Gannon
    Converting a 98 Ranger XLT to all electric.
  10. Luis Llorens
    Luis Llorens
    Check engine light won't shut off. Cleaned the mass airflow sensor.
  11. Scrambler82
    Scrambler82 Fx4wannabe01
    Hey, How have you been ?
    I am on the West Coast now, SoCal,Temecula, CA.
    If you are ever down this way, please feel free to stop and say hello.
    I have a few bottles of Wine and a couple of beers, COLD, and would be willing to sit and talk.
  12. Bob310x
    Bob310x bigjoe1094
    First - I have negative camber on my Ranger's front suspension and the inside of the tires are practically bald. I've been told that I shouldn't rotate them by front to back and vice-versa. Supposedly it will cause the rear end to get squirrely because of the wear. Do you (or anyone else who might read that) have any idea if that's true?
  13. Keith langley
  14. Allan deVries
    Allan deVries
    2000 2wd reg cab flareside V6 manual. Looking to swap a diesel or built 2.3 lima
  15. Rangstang
    3 Rangers and 1 Mustang deep
  16. Sam
    Not dating, just my truck, lol
    Married, Retired Bell System & US Army, Grandfather, Home is Wisconsin.
  18. James Clarke
    James Clarke
    it this an issue or do we just have to deal with less gas mileage when we use the heat?
  19. James Clarke
    James Clarke
    i have a 2011 ranger that i purchased in august and now i notice that the a/c compressor runs when just the heat is on vent or floor.
  20. Bridgette Ford
    Bridgette Ford
    General info and help with a 97 ranger 2.3 4 cylinder manual transmission.